Brand New Perks for My World Backers

We are elated to announce that My World Fintech has debuted with exclusive and exciting perks. We have designed them in accordance with your business demand, nothing can be more sumptuous than taking advantage of some of the perks and grasp them! My World users are incredibly satisfied with these amazing perks! 

We have introduced perks from travel to insurance services to entertainment. Have a look at what we have on offer for you. Before that, you need to know why you are reading about us.

Who are we? 

My World Fintech is an app based banking service designed for you to provide seamless and hassle-free day to day transactions and much more. Our customers are benefited by the fast and secured app based banking services, seamless day to day banking services. Additionally, we offer exclusive membership on the package they choose to personalise. 

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Perks Time! 

At My World, we offer several services to cater to all your banking needs and more without a credit check. 

Core Services

Wouldn’t it be exciting if you could access the banking facilities all on your phone! 

Now cash withdrawal, deposit and other card transactions are made simpler with the Core services at My World. The users can access daily banking services by just a tap. 

The users can also easily set up standing orders, error-free recurring payments can be made through direct debits all from your smartphones. Physical or contactless debit card transactions can be made at all retail and online point of sale. The users can also deposit and withdraw cash easily.

What’s more? Speedy wire transfers are also possible! Additionally, users can also review the trending offers, reports, usage pattern and monthly balance of their accounts. Furthermore, it provides users with the choice to create sub-accounts for their family and friends. 

Essential Services

Besides the positives of life, lies a part where the life and property of an individual are enveloped by death, disability or even destruction. Don’t worry, we are there for you. 

We provide reliable and transparent insurance facilities for your ‘essential’ requirements.

Adding the Core Account Services to your list, My World Essential Account services focus on providing Health Insurance, Income Protection Insurance, Payment Protection Insurance, Homeowner Insurance, Renter’s Insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Mobile Phone Insurance, Holiday Insurance and Funeral Plan Cover. 

Lifestyle Services 

We have got so much to offer you. But, that’s not all! Keeping the facilities of the Core and the Essential Services in the bucket, the Lifestyle services make your life easier. Encourage yourself to stay fit, promote weight gain/loss and improve muscle strength by availing Gym membership.

Think, you are at the Airport but need to attend a super important meeting right then, but you are surrounded by hundreds of passengers. Ah! What a pain! With Lifestyle services, enjoy the Airport Lounge Access and make your travel experience comfortable throughout! Enjoy a free subscription to Netflix and Amazon Prime. What’s more, you can also get discounts on Holidays. 

Investment Time! 

When you plan to invest in My World, we assure you to provide the best out of the rest! Yes, we are about to perk-olate!

With the investment of £10.00, get ready to be mentioned on the website for backing us.

With the investment of £50.00, get a shoutout on the website for backing us. You will also get the opportunity to avail the Core Account Service. 

Excited? Wait, we have got more to offer.

When you are on your way to investing £100.00, firstly, get mentioned on the website for your investment. Secondly, avail the service of Essential Account free for the one year. Get free access to Spotify, and a customised Silver Coin. 

For a £200.00 investment, avail the Lifestyle Account Services with an investor card for your business. Enjoy free Netflix, get a customised special edition Gold Plated Silver Coin and get your name mentioned on My World for backing us. 

Last but not least!

With an investment of £500.00, gear up to access Lifestyle Account Service, also, for your family. Avail the free subscription of Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Grab one customised special edition gold coin. What’s next? Get mentioned on My World Website.


Signing Up?

Perks are available for you to grow your business just the way you wanted. To get started with our services, simply dropdown at the Indiegogo section of our web app and pick out the best perk for you. Available on Android and iOS, we provide reliable and transparent solutions to your daily banking needs.

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