Here’s How My World Is Ideal During Social Distancing

In the wake of the COVID-19 uncertainty, communities are making efforts to manage the impact of the pandemic. Social distance has been mentioned as a means to control the spread of this novel virus strain. The Governments are taking immense steps to support businesses. The global impact of the pandemic is leading traditional banks to rethink their strategy to switch to technology. Maximum banks are looking into modernizing the mode of payments by collaborating with Fintechs.

Sticking to some facts, 72% have surged in the use of Fintech Apps in Europe to adjust to social distancing, lockdown and self-isolations. Together with Indiegogo, we’ve sketched some ways to assist you with completely-secured finances during these trying times.

User-Friendly Interface

My World is an app-based banking service, we provide seamless and flexible day to day transactions. With fast and secured banking services, our customers can be benefited with conventional daily banking needs, while they stay safe at home. 

Additionally, our well-organized, clean and user-friendly app will be highly suitable for the needs of the customer at these trying times.

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Easy & Speedy Transactions

For simplified and smooth handling of your account and daily banking services, deposits and further card transactions can be accessed by using our Core, Pride, Essential & Lifestyle Account Services, all under one umbrella within no time.

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Error-Free & Secured Transactions

Since the payments, debits are directly from smartphones, they are secured and error-free.

We use a huge variety of security procedures, as well as two-factor authentication and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) protocols. 

The utmost security measures are taken to ensure that the customer data is not being assessed by unauthorized individuals. The app is secured by the end to end encryption technology.

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Seamless International Payments

In the case of traditional banks, we might not avail a debit card that can be used in any continent of the world. Hence, we need to request for an upgrade to have an international debit card. 

With My World Account Service Cards, making purchases,  transacting nationally or internationally without the need to upgrade to a separate international debit card.

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Know About Insurances

We care about you and your loved ones! With our Essential Account Services, we focus on providing you with Health Insurance, Income Protection Insurance, Payment Protection Insurance, Homeowner Insurance, Renter’s Insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Mobile Phone Insurance, Holiday Insurance and Funeral Plan Cover.  

Low Transaction Fees

For traditional banks, revenues from fees and penalties constitute a huge share of their income. Moreover, fees are charged for the services these traditional ones offer. 

Whereas, banking with us is more comfortable and cost effective.


What’s More?

Yes, speedy wire transfers are possible with us! Both domestic and international wire transfers can be achieved effortlessly from the My World App. Furthermore, users can review reports, usage patterns and monthly balance of the accounts. The users will also be notified with the trending offers.  


In the light of the global pandemic, it’s nearly impossible to be able to access the banking services by visiting the physical branches. Therefore, My World Fintech provides you with unique features and perks to assist you through the crisis. 

Land up at the Indiegogo section of our web app to get detailed information about the perks. 

Don’t worry, we are there to provide you with reliable and transparent solutions for your banking needs, while you stay safe at home.

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